A major reason why many men have cases of infertility is because of their low sperm count. Believe it or not, there are now sperm count app which can help you know whether you have enough sperm counts or not. For this, it can give essential information what actions to be taken. 

Say for example that you have low count, there are some specific foods that you can eat which can be a big advantage to improve sperm count. For a man produce healthy sperms, there are some important vitamins and minerals as well as nutrients that a man's body should absorb. 

One good example of this is zinc. This is a vital mineral that's known to help improve the production of sperms healthily. Aside from that, it is essential for testosterone production which is the male sexual hormone that's governing sexual function among men. The decreased level in testosterone will not only cause lower libido but can also be the cause of low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. 

For this reason, it will be important to incorporate foods that are high in zinc not only to increase sperm count but to improve sperm motility too. This is essential to increase the number of sperm cells in semen which can fertilize eggs and start conception. The good thing is that, there are lots of easy to eat foods that are high in zinc such as turkey, lamb and beef, seafood such as oysters, nuts, barley, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and the likes. Not only that, it is essential to be mindful that meat is the best source for zinc. This is due to the fact that the body is likely to absorb the mineral easily from this source compared to other food products. For more info about sperm count test, visit https://www.britannica.com/topic/semen. 

Another known mineral that you have to consumer for your body to produce healthy sperms is selenium. Foods that are rich in selenium are plentiful like red meat, cottage cheese and poultry products. Know more about Sperm count app here! 

Moreover, specific vitamins including C, E and B12 can create great effects for producing semen and thus, you must consider incorporating foods containing these vitamins and there are many of them like for instance clams, mussels, liver, caviar, fish, octopus, crab and lobsters, chili peppers, bell peppers, guavas, fresh herbs, broccoli, papayas, kiwi fruits, dark leafy greens etc. 


After all the efforts of eating such foods, try to use again your Sperm count test to check whether it made positive changes in your sperm count.